Online Payments

On-line payments are available to pay current real estate, personal property and motor vehicle excise taxes.  Sewer bills will be available for online payment in the near future.


  • You can pay by credit card  (fee applies)
  • You can pay by your bank account  (.25 charge –  cheaper then a stamp)
  • Your payments apply automatically to your bills (there is a delay of a few days in reflecting this online)
  • We don’t have to open envelops, look up bills
  • Those checks from your bank? – don’t include any information on what’s being paid and its VERY time consuming to look it all up. (We would rather be spending the time doing stuff that’s really important)
  • Bonus! (saves trees and sanitizer!)
  • We all stay a lot safer!  Keep the curve down!

Thank you!

Click Here to make an online Payment. All fees are collected by the bank to cover their administrative fees and do not come to the town.

Tax History is also now available online at this link. Payment history may not reflect recent online payments.