24-hour Dispatch Committee

This committee is led by the police chief, fire chief, and emergency management director - all heads of the departments that deal with public safety. It is currently going through a transition that may include a couple of residents appointed by the Select Board.

The 24-hour Dispatch Committee is responsible for the communications infrastructure for Royalston's public safety organizations including the PD, the FD, the DPW and Emergency Management. This committee manages the budget items relating to this infrastructure and continuously monitors the systems to find ways to improve the system while reducing costs.

Currently the Royalston police and fire departments are dispatched by the Winchendon Dispatch Department. After years of being dispatched as part of the Franklin County Emergency Communications System (FCECS) Royalston obtained our own set of licensed frequencies. The tower located on Jacob's ridge on Warwick Road will become a key part of this new infrastructure.

The priority issue for Royalston's public safety communications team at this time is to replace obsolete radios for all departments.  Every radio, mobile, portable or base station, is over 10 years old.  The manufacturer will not longer repair them.  When an additional portable radio was needed recently Emergency Management had to go on eBay to find one and then refurbish and program the radio.  The situation is becoming critical so finding the necessary funding has become task #1.

Click here to contact Jim Barclay, Chair.

Committee Members

Name Title
Jim Barclay Chair - EMD
Curtis Deveneau Member - Police Chief
Keith Newton Member - DPW Superintendent
Deb D'Amico Chair BOS