Annual Town Census Information


View of School St., South Royalston, including Whitney Hall. Date unknown.

View of School St., South Royalston, showing Whitney Hall. Date unknown.



Residents of cities and towns in Massachusetts are required to respond to their town’s annual census mailing.  Failure to respond to the census may result in a voter’s removal from the registration rolls.  Each year in June the Town Clerk prepares an Annual Street Listing, which is available for purchase at the Clerk’s office for $2.00.

FAQ’s for residents:

What do I receive in the mail?   You will receive a census form titled “Annual Street Listing” for the current year.  This form shows those individuals who are currently shown as residing at your address.

What am I required to do with this form?  Verify and/or correct the information on the form, sign at the bottom, and return within 10 days to: Town Clerk, P.O. Box 127, Royalston, MA 01368.  Make sure to add anyone who is also living at your address, along with their gender and date(s) of birth. (Please note that adding an individual DOES NOT register them to vote – to register to vote – see Voting Information) .  Also note the number of dogs and cats the town has listed for your residence on the form, and make changes if necessary.

What if someone listed on my form has moved out of the residence?  Cross out the name and indicate in the appropriate box that the person has moved.  PLEASE NOTE:  Registered voters on your form that have moved can not be removed from the street list or voter rolls until the registered voter has indicated in writing that they have moved.  They will continue to be listed at the address on your form until the Town Clerk has received this notification.

Can I register to vote, or change my party via the street listing form?  No.  For information on registering to vote or changing your party, please see Voting Information

Where do I send my Annual Street Listing form?  To the Town Clerk, at P.O. Box 127, Royalston, MA 01368.

What happens if I do not return the street listing form?  You may be deleted from the Annual Street Listing.  If you are a registered voter and you do not return the form, you will be sent a confirmation postcard that asks you to verify your residency status.  If you do not return the postcard, you may be removed from the voter rolls for inactivity, and will need to re-register to vote in future elections.

If you have any questions about your street listing form, please contact the Town Clerk via email at, or by phone at 978-249-0493