Open Space and Recreation

The Royalston Open Space & Recreation Committee aims to preserve and maintain the natural areas of Royalston and provide opportunities for its residents to enjoy those areas and other recreational opportunities.

We meet on the second Thursday of odd months at 7 pm at Town Hall. The agendas and minutes of our meetings are posted and updated here.

We are eager for suggestions and feedback from all Royalston residents. You can contribute your opinions at meetings, through correspondence with committee members, or electronically by email:

Members (three-year terms)

Paul Montero (2013-2016), Chair
Jack Morse (2012-2015)
Patti Carrier (2011-2014)
Christine Beckert Long (2011-2014)
Carl Kamp (2013-2016)
George Vaccari (2013-2015)

A Celebration of Royalston
Click here to see photos of what others have discovered in Royalston. Click here for trail maps in Royalston. These maps were developed by the Montachusett Regional Planning Commission.

Open Space & Recreation Plan
The Royalston Open Space & Recreation Plan was approved by the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs on January 13, 2010. This plan covers the next seven years (January 2010-December 2016) and allows Royalston to apply for open space and recreation grants from the Department of Conservation and Recreation. Click here to download the entire plan as a pdf file, or click here to download the seven-year action plan.

Heritage Landscape Inventory
Heritage landscapes are those special places and spaces that help define the character of our community and reflect its past. The Heritage Landscape Inventory Program builds upon prior landscape survey efforts to identify, document and plan for the protection of the heritage landscapes vital to the history, character and quality of life in our community. Click here for the Royalston report.

Options for Conserving Land
Landowners have many options for protecting the character of our town and for ensuring that it will continue to support crops, livestock, timber, revenue and recreational value for future generations. Click here for more information.