Historic District – References

Available material about Royalston

Books   (available at the Library, some are available on-line):

A commemorative address at Royalston August 23th 1865, Alexander H. Bullock, Winchendon: Frank F. Ward, 1865.

Index of names for the book above, compiled by Robert W. Adams.

The History of the Town of Royalston, Massachusetts, Lilley Brewer Caswell, Athol: the Town of Royalston, 1917.

Reflections on Royalston, Hubert Carlton Bartlett, published by the Reflector, Fitchburg, 1927.

From FARM to FINANCE, A NEW ENGLAND FAMILY, ITS TOWN AND ITS TIMES, Fair Alice Bullock McCormick, Hiller Printing, Inc, New Bedford MA, 2011.


Archival material on the 1974 listing in the National Register of Historic Places  and the 1980 creation of the Historic District

Photographic material