Fee Schedule

Acting under the authority of the Massachusetts General Laws and the State Sanitary and Environmental Codes, the Royalston Board of Health establishes the following fee schedule:

PDF version of Fee Schedule Effective January 1, 2018 Fee Schedule

Food Establishment Permits:

Food service, mobile units, caterers, residential kitchens         $100.00 annually
Retail food: pre-packaged food only (non-Phf’s)                           50.00 annually
Temporary food: (1-4days)                                                             25.00 annually

Food License Permit

Septic Systems / Title V Permits:

Title V Inspection Report filing fee                                                 50.00 annually
Septic Installer License                                                                 100.00 annually
Disposal Works Construction Permit & Inspections                      300.00 each
(Includes Plan Review and Inspections)
Septic Component Replacement: tank, d-box etc.                       100.00 each
Percolation test: Each for any part up to 4 hours                          150.00 each
$50 per hour thereafter
Septage Hauler permit                                                                 100.00 annually
Well Permit                                                                                     50.00 each

Miscellaneous Permits:

Refuse Hauler                                                                               100.00 annually
Outdoor Hydronic Heater                                                           100.00 each
Tobacco Sales Permit                                                                    100.00 annually
Family Type Campground                                                            50.00 annually
Recreational Camps for Children                                               100.00 annually
Beach Permit                                                                                50.00 annually

Late/Penalty Fee:                                                                        25.00 per permit
(>10 days past permit renewal date)