Town Directory

Click here to download the  full 2016-2017 town directory.

Acting Accountant Lori Bolasevich 978-249-6769 email
Admin Assistant – (BOS) Melanie Mangum 978-249-9641 email M-Th 9-1
Animal Control Jennifer Arsenault 978-249-2494 email
Assessor’s Clerk Marie Mello 978-249-0337 email W 11-2,6-9pm
Th 12-2
Building Inspector Geoff Newton 978-249-0127 email W 6-9PM
DPW Keith Newton, Superintendent 978-249-4223 email M-Th 7-4
Electrical Inspector
Emergency Management James Barclay, Director 978-249-2904
Fire Dept (non-emergency) Keith Newton, Chief 978-249-8138
IT System Administrator Jon Hardie 978-790-8474 email
Library Kathy Morris, Director 978-249-3572 see Library hrs
Plumbing Inspector Daniel Joly 978-249-9583
Police (non-emergency) Curtis Deveneau, Chief 978-249-5838
Post Office Janice Draper, Postmistress 978-249-4242 M-S 7:45-11:45
Records Access Officer  Melanie Mangum  978-249-0493  email
Tax Collector Rebecca Krause-Hardie 978-249-2927 email M 1-6
Town Clerk Melanie Mangum 978-249-0493 email M 5-8, T 9-1
Town Treasurer Brenda Putney 978-249-6341 email W
Tree Warden Larry Siegel 978-249-4260
Veterans’ Services Fedencia Fitch 978-249-9635
Web & Email IT Services Rebecca Krause-Hardie pls email email