Certified Copy of Current By-Laws  2015 ROYALSTON ZONING BYLAWS
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Over a decade or more, through boards, committees, and consultants we’ve all engaged in a process of building a set of rules to guide our town’s emergence into the second decade of this century. Last year the Town Meeting voted to publish an updated set of zoning bylaws which capture the intent and spirit of what we have so earnestly expressed and debated over this period.

With this meeting, we set in motion the process which will conclude at a special Town Meeting in October 2014.

In the course of the ensuing weeks, you are urged to be a part of the review and oversight on suggested additions and improvements in areas of housing, home occupation, subdivision, wireless communications, and environmental protection.

In a series of forums, we will publish , section by section, recommended drafts addressing each of the above subjects in turn. As we progress, the ideas and views emerging from these reviews, will be translated into a final draft.

Be a part of the process-you are the government!

The first meeting is Wednesday, April 2 2014, in the Royalston Town Hall dining room at seven pm. Please come and help start this process. A copy of the draft is available at the Phinheas Newton Library, from Helen Divoll, Town Administrative Assistant, at the Town Hall and we will have some at the meeting. A pdf of the draft is also available from the Library,  the Town Administrative Assistant and the Town Clerk.

Kate Collins
For the Royalston Planning Board

Zoning Board of Appeals

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  • Herve Bosse  978-249-2897
  • George Northrop  978-249-4407
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Zoning Bylaw Task Force

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