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CodeRED is an emergency notification service by which town officials can notify Royalston residents and businesses by telephone, cellular phone, text message or electronic mail about time-sensitive emergency situations or important community alerts.  The system is capable of sending messages only to specific neighborhoods or the entire town.  Only authorized officials are allowed access to the system.

Any message regarding the safety or welfare of our community would be disseminated using the CodeRED system.  Examples would include severe weather warnings and updates, hazardous traffic or road conditions inside the town or effecting local routes, and any other situations that could impact the safety, property, or welfare of our citizens.

Land line phones will automatically receive emergency notifications, but everyone is encouraged to enroll online with their cell phone number and email addresses as well as out of town office phone numbers.  We encourage anyone who lives, works, attends school, owns property or is otherwise interested in being informed about emergencies connected to one or more Royalston addresses to enroll online with CodeRED using the link below.

Our emergency database currently contains telephone numbers available in the white pages of a phone book, along with the address of that land line phone, where available.  However, many people in Royalston do not have a land line phone or they carry a cell phone that should be notified in addition to their land line phone.  For these reason it is vitally important that members of the community use the CodeRED online subscription page to add their cell phone numbers, email addresses, and VoIP-type phone numbers.  Please use only a proper Royalston street address number and street name with suffix (e.g., 10 Main St) when entering your Royalston address.  Post Office box numbers or addresses outside of Royalston will not be accepted by the system.  For example, if you have property in Royalston but live elsewhere, enter the address of the Royalston property but your own phone numbers.  This will allow you to be alerted of a problem in Royalston, wherever you happen to be.

This CodeRED link is the quickest way to sign up because the information you supply will immediately update Royalston’s emergency telephone number database. If you do not have access to the internet at home, please consider using a computer at the Royalston Public Library or ask a friend or family member for assistance.  If you cannot register on-line, you can call the Royalston Emergency Management Agency at (978) 249-2904 and leave your information so it can be entered.  It is our intention and hope that every residence and commercial facility in our community will be included in the notification database.  Please note, however you get your information entered, if you want to receive text messages you will need to include the name of your cellular phone carrier in addition to the phone number.

Click here, to register your phone, cell phone, or email.